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Apr 17, 2017

It's been a while, but we've packed this episode with tons of recent nerdy consumption, and couldn't help but get into the social issues surrounding some of this stuff.

First up, MST3k is back, and we're already in love with the first offering: Reptilicus!  This movie contains what might truly be the worst special effects to ever make it into a non-hobbyist motion picture.

Also, since last we spoke, we watched the entire run of Iron Fist.  We discuss the goods and bads of the casting, the acting, the fighting, and the writing.

And finally, Jordan Peele's marvelous film Get Out.  This one touches on all sorts of taboos and leaves us with no choice but to discuss what is or isn't racism.  Great stuff!

As mentioned during that discussion, a couple great podcasts that Jeff subscribes to that recently covered Get Out:

Black Girl Nerds

No, Totally!


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