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We're Jeff & Jennifer - divorced parents with lots of kids and matching parenting schedules. The Kid-Free Weekend ("KFW") is a magical time when we have some time to recharge our batteries. We adore our kids, but we also love movies, music, tv, and a lot of geeky pop-culture! Join us as we explore our favorite things and get to know our awesome guests!
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Welcome to the home of The Kid-Free Weekend!  We're Jeff & Jennifer, and when the kids are away, we really do play!  We watch a lot of movies and tv, play video and board games, do some light cosplay, and then we podcast about our many favorite things.

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Apr 7, 2016
Jennifer & Jeff dive DEEP into Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Along with enough spoilers to choke Jor-El's Kryptonian DragonHorse, they dissect the many sources that this movie drew from, including The Dark Knight Returns, Rocky 4, a thing that happened to Superman in 1992, and Injustice: Gods Among Us. Kevin Smith, Get Outta My Head!
Mar 31, 2016
A peek at a new podcast from Jeff & Jennifer that's about one of their all-time favorite TV shows. The Game of Thrones full-series recaps start with a trip to Winterfell, where we meet the main players of this most-deadly game: The Starks, the Baratheons, and the Lannisters get the complex intrigue going right away. Also, there's a guy named after the local weather, a human-shaped hound, and a whole bunch of adorable killer wolves... and all that is still just the tiny tip of the Winter-is-Coming iceberg! Want more? Look up "Pod of Thrones" on your favorite podcasting platform!
Mar 25, 2016
Jeff and Jennifer talk about beloved video games of past and present and how easy it is to get sucked in, but they ain't got time for that right now because of their upcoming Game of Thrones podcast project! Then it's over to this week's release of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice with a discussion of the best Batmen ever, murdering villains, DC's joyless universe, and whether or not the new movie is kid-friendly.
Mar 16, 2016
David Lizerbram, host of Products of the Mind, joins minds with our podcast to teach us how the world of intellectual property law keeps us from seeing Wolverine and Captain America in the same movie, prevents Etsy crafters from going completely unchecked, and allows YouTube to be an eternal sea of homemade cover songs. Follow him at @DavidLizerbram and check out his show!
Mar 9, 2016
Ryan Reynolds looks like an avocado you could sit on, and Jeff & Jennifer are thrilled with the new Deadpool movie! Is Vanessa really just Deadpool's girlfriend? Doesn't Angel Dust look strangely familiar? Didn't we see Deadpool fight Wolverine once in a much lesser film? Spoilers lie within!
Mar 2, 2016
In the conclusion to this enlightening interview, John from Kind Deliveries helps Jeff and Jennifer understand the many, many options that a medical marijuana patient has for treatment, the hurdles a patient faces when trying to travel outside of their home state, and a little more about the differences between how *illegal* weed affects people versus totally *legal* alcohol.
Feb 23, 2016
Jeff & Jennifer are joined by John from local marijuana dispensary Kind Deliveries! He gives them an eye-opening education on the world of medicinal cannabis and the larger world of pharmaceuticals. Watch for the cliffhanger as Jeff reveals something SHOCKING, and be sure not to miss next week's epic conclusion!
Feb 15, 2016
This week, Jennifer opens up with tales of growing up with alcoholic parents and we learn how this continues to affect her today. Jeff does the only thing he knows how to do well: relate to situations via TV and movie references.
Feb 5, 2016
Jeff's daughter turns 13 and has her Bat Mitzvah. Jennifer doesn't see the point, but still goes into overdrive to make the day a massive success. Traditions abound as generations of Jews come to town, and the very, very tired Jeff and Jennifer have a heated debate about why such things are (or aren't) important.
Jan 24, 2016
Jeff and Jennifer are positively blessed with the chance to talk to No Retreat No Surrender STAR Kurt McKinney!!! This is a must-hear for any fans of action movies, the 80s, or 80s action movies. HUGE thanks to audio wizard Declan Quinn for saving this interview from certain demise!
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