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We're Jeff & Jennifer - divorced parents with lots of kids and matching parenting schedules. The Kid-Free Weekend ("KFW") is a magical time when we have some time to recharge our batteries. We adore our kids, but we also love movies, music, tv, and a lot of geeky pop-culture! Join us as we explore our favorite things and get to know our awesome guests!
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Welcome to the home of The Kid-Free Weekend!  We're Jeff & Jennifer, and when the kids are away, we really do play!  We watch a lot of movies and tv, play video and board games, do some light cosplay, and then we podcast about our many favorite things.

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Dec 23, 2015
Al the Cop is a nerd, just like Jeff and Jennifer. Unlike Jeff and Jennifer, Al the Cop is also a cop. Putting most of the funny aside, we take a more serious look at the world of Police Officers, and we learn quite a few things along the way!
Dec 20, 2015

After a brief dip back into Mockingjay thanks to the fine folks at Reddit, Jeff then introduces Jennifer to 1980s action classic "No Retreat, No Surrender," while she shares tearjerker "Steel Magnolias." One of these movies includes arguably the strangest use of a popsicle in mainstream cinema...but which one??

Dec 3, 2015
Jennifer loves Johnny Galecki's hair, Jeff questions his distaste for way too many things, and then they dive deep into Mockingjay Part 2. The books probably explain their zillions of questions, they draw parallels to Lord of the Rings storytelling, and best of all: Jeff and Jennifer know how Mockingjay REALLY should have ended. MASSIVE SPOILERS!
Nov 28, 2015
In part two of our EPIC sit-down with actor Kevin Kittridge, we dive deeper into his undying love for his childhood favorites, including professional wrestling, Doctor Who, the merits and flaws of the ever-changing Griswold children, the many faces of Robin Hood, and more! Do you smell what The Rock is cooking? No, really, it smells delicious...HE'S DREAMY!
Nov 18, 2015
As a follow-up to last week's centipede-centric episode, we welcome actor Kevin Kittridge to the show! He lets us in on what it's like to work in Hollywood, and the best of all are the tales of his time with Tom Six and the gang on Human Centipede 3!! We also get a glimpse of his love of Doctor Who and Wrasslin', which we'll talk plenty more about next week. Don't stop at the sign-off, the closing ditty is well worth the ... wait, what?? YOU KILLED JOHN WICK'S DOG?!?!?!?
Nov 12, 2015
As a prelude to next week's star-studded interview, the horrors continue for one more week as Jeff and Jennifer dive into the nastiest trilogy of movies ever: The Human Centipede! Their bodies survived the experience, but the status of their souls is unknown. 100% MEDICALLY ACCURATE???
Oct 31, 2015
In this obligatory Halloween-themed episode, Jeff challenges Jennifer to find the most disturbing real-life story ever, they have a discussion of what's *really* scary, and Jeff discovers that being in love with a corpse can still warm hearts. PEOPLE ARE STRANGE!
Oct 21, 2015
We welcome cosplayer, musician, and all-around kickass gal Mowseler to the show! We talk Jedi Cosplay, an intensely-creepy new video game called Allison Road, The Force Awakens, alien genitalia, and we figure out Padme's real-world analog. Mowseler also shares her musical gifts with tracks titled "The One" and "Supernova Type IA". GEORGE LUCAS IS A CRAZY EWOK!
Oct 15, 2015
Jeff and Jennifer skip out on life's responsibilities to see Kevin Smith and Chris Hardwick on Comedy Central's @Midnight ... and then Kev cancels. They made the most of the day and still had a great time, while also learning the dark secrets of the fake-game-show racket. WOOOOO! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Oct 7, 2015
NSFW! Politics is great and all, but things take a turn when Jennifer asks Jeff an extremely uncomfortable question. Jeff learns that municipal codes are both sexy and sexist, we like Bernie better than Hillary, we continue to await Elon Musk's attention, and Jennifer declares both woman and dogs to be disgusting. FREE THE NIPPLE!
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